Top 10 Tinderfessions

“If a girl comes over and she's ugly in real life,

I try to scare her away by asking if she's heard of the tinder serial killer” - Zach

1.) I've gotten my friend laid 3 times from Tinder matches & he's not even on tinder. - Matt

2.) I’m 11 for 18 in getting blown with tinder hook ups. As far as I’m concerned I’m batting .611 - Mike

3.) Met a girl on Tinder from Michigan State. Fucked her that night. Next week I saw her playing in the US open as an amateur golfer - Nick

4.) Buddy of mine took a girl out last night from Tinder. Wonder if she caught his herpes? - Charlie

5.) I had sex with a magician. Thanks Tinder - Samantha

6.) Met this girl on the "tind" & she wasn't feelin' it so I got a blowjob from her friend - Jeff

7.) I matched my chem professor. After class the next day, I blew him in his office - Lea

8.) I speak to guys on Tinder until I get their dick pics, then I block them - Joanne

9.) I met this guy on tinder, we fucked 3 times, and now I’m pregnant - Talia

10.) I took 3 girls from Tinder out for Valentine's. One at 5pm, one at 8p and one at 11p. Banged all 3. Last one is asleep next to me now - Jim